Transit companies spend significant time sorting and counting currency and coin – time that directly affects your bottom line. Discover how the right tools can reduce those processes down to minutes, increasing both your efficiency and profits.

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    Save time — With speeds at up to 1,000 mixed notes per minute and 4,500 coins per minute, sorting has literally never been faster. It isn’t just sorting though – our machines can be programmed to stop at certain amounts so you can quickly prepare your deposit with confidence.

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    Eliminate errors — With an accuracy rating of 99.995%, you can rest assured that every count will be exact on the first pass. Our machines also offer denomination breakdowns and a wide range of counterfeit detection capabilities.

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    Solutions that fit your needs — From the smallest desktop machine to large floor-standing systems, we can provide the right system for you. The reporting can be tailored to your needs too, allowing you to take full control of your counting.

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    Reduce training time — We put ease-of-use at the forefront of our design process. Our machines are quick to set up and feature large keys or an easy-to-read touch screen.

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    Enjoy unmatched dependability — We pride ourselves on building reliable machines with quality construction. In the case that you ever do require support, our nationwide service team is always here to help.