Paypod Hybrid Counter-mounted POS Pay Station

Paypod Hybrid

Fast and customer-friendly pay station that mounts right onto your counter

Paypod Pay Station automates cash handling at the point of sale. It also assists retailers with cash management. Save money by reducing mistakes and eliminate time spent reconciling cash at the end of the day.

Paypod Hybrid attaches to standard retail counters without any invasive changes to the counter. The innovative design is secure: It has a lockable enclosure door, a lockable bill recycler cashbox, and a dual-locking feature on the coin recycler. The front and top doors provide easy access to the cash devices for maintenance.


Check out Paypod Embedded if you're looking for a solution that integrates right into your counter.


Meet Paypod: Most Hygienic Way to Take Cash

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Included with Paypod Hybrid

  • Power Supply (included with Paypod)

  • USB Hub (included with Paypod)

Product Specifications

Design Innovative, self-enclosed design that attaches to standard retail counters
Benefit No invasive counter changes
Installation Installs in under 30 minutes
Physical Specifications
Dimensions Height: 37.4"
Width: 13.8"
Depth: 24.6
Enclosure Weight With Recyclers:
Model H22: 135 lbs.

Without Recyclers:
8 lbs.
Software POSlinq™ Interface Software
Connection to POS USB
Locking Dual locking systems to separate technical parts from value
Power Mains powered with isolation switch
Access Open front door to access note recycler, lift up top to access CLS
What's Included
Items 7" consumer display (integrated)
Master power supply
USB hub
Wiring harness
Coin entry and exit LEDs
Coin Recycler CLS
Note Recycler Model H22: SCR Advance
Acceptable Coin Size Range 0.063"-1.28"
Coin Recycler Capacity 2,680 coins
Coin Validation Speed 10 coins/second
Coin Dispensing Speed 6 coins/second
Acceptable Note Size Range 2.44"-3.27" wide and 4.72"-6.54" long
Note Recycing Capacity 120 notes
Note Recycling Denomination Quantity Up to 2
Note Loading Capacity NA
Note Dispensing Single
Multiple Note Escrow NA
Note Stacking Capacity 600
Rejects Counterfeit Notes and Coins Yes