JetScan MPX 8200 Multi-Pocket Currency Sorter

JetScan MPX 8200 Multi-Pocket Currency Sorter

Get 30% more throughput in your vault

Many vaults like yours struggle balancing productivity, uptime and lower costs.  No longer.  The JetScan MPX 8200 multi-pocket sorter is our most productive multi-sorter yet.  Latest-generation design and features get you 30% more throughput than the prior generation, increasing your vaults efficiency by processing your deposits faster.  Lower initial and recurrent costs create a lower total cost of ownership with a value that is unmatched by any other.

Higher productivity in your vault

  • Sort currency at 1,200 items per minute

  • New design requires fewer processing stops

  • Increase uptime using on-screen diagnostics and new mechanical designs

  • Advanced scanning technology reduces no-calls

  • Improved transport path reduces jams and makes jam clearing easier

  • Intuitive, more informative GUI

  • Automatically face bills


  • Larger automatic continuous feeder:  Multi-batch, 4,000 document capacity.

  • Display: Larger 19" wide-format touch-screen monitor on articulating arm.

  • Two 150-note capacity offsort pockets: Screen out suspected counterfeits, unfit bills, or other items as needed.

  • Counterfeit detection: Choose from a wide range of counterfeit detection sensors, including magnetic ink, fluorescence, ultraviolet, infrared and proprietary detection techniques.

  • Six cassettes:  Collect bulk money for replenishing ATMs.

  • JetTouch softwareProvides built-in data viewing and reporting as well as interface capability, save and export functions.

  • Flow-control tracking: Monitors document movement to facilitate recovery from errors or jams.

  • Lower installation costs:  The machine operates within the climate settings typically maintained in the workplace.

  • Internal lights:  Provide better visibility while clearing a jam.

  • Dual counting: Each bill is counted twice during processing, providing dual verification of each bill processed.

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JetScan MPX 8200 High-Volume Multi-Pocket Sorter

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Customize a system that takes your vault to a new level of productivity

  • In-line strappers:  Automatically strap denominations with a dual-action design that requires only one strapper per denomination.  Maximize output, particularly when combined with continuous batch processing.  Manage high-volume denominations, reduce FTEs and greatly increase throughput with up to four user-defined strapper modules.

  • Integrated pocket module:    Sort small quantities to two pockets for hand strapping.

  • Continuous batch processing: Process multiple transactions consecutively without stopping the machine.

  • In-line bar-code scanning module:  Captures data automatically and transfers to your system.  A hand-held bar-code gun may be used for added flexibility.

  • Unique corner modules: Save space without compromising productivity or functionality.  Choose the combination that affords you the greatest operator control and visibility.  Each corner module adds a right angle, allowing "L" or "C" configurations.

  • Control document printing station: Includes bar-code gun, numeric keypad and thermal printer.

  • Compatible printers: Include thermal or impact models to print reports on demand.