Coin Programs Purchase, Placement, Lease, Rent

Coin Programs

More options to add coin-counting services

Flexible coin program options let you buy, lease, rent or place a self-service coin counter in your branch, grocery store, or casino.

With multiple choices in machine configuration, procurement options, and different ways to manage coin, it's easier than ever to add these business-builders to your organization.

Expense the cost, capitalize and depreciate or invest nothing at all

  • Four procurement options: buy, lease, rent or place a machine.  Each program has different financial and business advantages, allowing you to select the program that best meets your needs

  • Three coin processing options: including our exclusive, no-hassle coin management program that includes coin pickup, processing, program administration, reports and electronic bank deposits.  you can also recirculate deposited coins within your organization by recycling coin yourself or you may choose to outsource coin management locally.

  • Four types of coin collection: bin or bag-style collection systems.

  • Remote management option: JetLink enables organizations to centralize coin program management in one remote location.  Daily balancing and deposits proceed smoothly and machine error conditions are identified and resolved quickly keeping your entire fleet of Money Machine 2 coin counters up and running and downtime to a minimum.

Contact us today and we'll help you understand which program and product options best meet your needs.

Procurement options

Cummins Allison offers multiple ways to capitalize on the coin redemption trend, giving you the flexibility to decide which solution is right for you.

  • Own: maximize long-term profitability and return on investment through self-service coin machine ownership.  With machine ownership, you are in complete control of how you offer coin counting services to your consumers. You determine the branding, set user fees if desired and keep all of the profit.

  • Lease: reap the value of buying and realize potential tax benefits without the capital investment. 

  • Rent: with a fixed monthly payment, count a fixed monthly expense that's guaranteed not to increase during the term of the agreement. 

  • Placement: No investment is required.  Cummins Allison places the coin counter in your business and manages the entire coin-counting solution for you, including coin pickup and processing.  You'll receive free technical support and monthly reports detailing your commission revenue.  Grocers: require a 10.9% user fee.

Coin Management options

Just as one type of procurement isn't always best, neither is one type of coin management.  Perhaps turnkey coin management is the right solution for one business, but recycling coin is best for another.  More options mean you can focus on what you do best.

  • Coin Management Program (CMP): CMP includes coin processing, bin pickup from an approved logistics company, program administration and electronic bank deposits.  We'll monitor your machine(s) online through our JetLink remote management software and dispatch service and coin pick up when needed.  CMP also removes the risks associated with employee handled coin. 
  • Recycle coins: if you prefer to recycle coins within your business to save on fees, we can help you with that also.  Our affordable coin sorters can be added so you can reuse the same coins you take in. 
  • Outsource coin management locally: leverage your already existing cash in transit carrier to pick up, process and deposit coins.  

Remote management 

  • Remote management: JetLink enables organizations to centralize coin program management in one remote location. Daily balancing and deposits proceed smoothly and machine error conditions are identified and resolved quickly, keeping your entire fleet of Money Machine 2 coin counters up and running and downtime to a minimum. 

Machine branding and on-screen advertising

  • Standard or custom graphics: Cummins Allison's branded red and yellow graphics or design your own custom graphics.  
  • On-screen advertising: draw attention to coin counters with video sound and motion.  Advertise or cross-sell products and services. On-screen advertising provides high visibility to your important promotions.

Contact us today and we will help you understand which program and product options  best meets your needs.

Coin Sorting, Accuracy & Denomination
Coin Sorting Speed Up to 4,100 coins per minute.
Coins Sorted 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, $1 and $2
Coins Sorted Accuracy 99.995+%
Processing Capacity
Input Tray Gravity flow tray
Capacity Bin unit: Up to 70,000 mixed coins

Dual bin unit: up to 140,000 mixed coins
(combined total of two bins)

16-Bag unit: 78,000 coins (combined total)
High-volume full-size bags
6 penny, 2 nickel, 2 dime, 4 quarter,
1 Tooney, 1 Looney
Physical Specs
Size Single bin unit: 66.04 cm W x 73.66 cm D x 142.24 cm H

Dual bin unit: 66.04 cm W x 100.33 cm D x 142.24 cm H

16-Bag unit: 66.04 cm W x 73.66 cm D x 142.24 cm H
Weight N/A
Power Specs
Voltage Voltage operating ranges are either 105-130v or 198-253v

Frequency is 60/50Hz.
Power Consumption 9.0 Amps (120v); 4.5 Amps (220v)