JetWrap® coin wrapper


Fast, reliable coin wrapping at your fingertips

Wrapping your loose coin does not have to be a time-consuming task. The JetWrap® automatic coin rolling and wrapping machine is the most sophisticated, well-built, high-speed coin rolling machine on the market today. With coin wrapping speeds of up to 25 wraps per minute, JetWrap is ideal for both high and low volumes of coins in markets such as vending, armoured carrier and even with transit authorities.


With JetWrap high-speed coin wrapping machines:

  • Set-up is as easy as pressing a single button.
  • Handles all Canadian and US coin denominations.
  • Paper handling is completely automatic. Simply load the paper roll on to the external tray and the JetWrap coin wrapping machine will automatically position it to the exact alignment for the denomination.
  • Dual count sensors help to ensure optimum coin rolling accuracy. Located in the coin feed track, these sensors detect over and under counts and reject the stack automatically.
  • An extra large hopper capacity holds up to a full bag of loose coins.
  • The potential for coin bridging is greatly reduced. Bridging is the phenomena where coins cannot move onto the feed mechanism due to the fact that they have wedged themselves together into a "bridge" configuration above the belt. The JetWrap's coin hopper, however, has been specially designed to ensure that bridging is minimized, allowing for greater unattended operation and improved machine output.

Available options

  • Single button set-up -- Press one button and the JetWrap automatic coin rolling and wrapping machine is ready. Just add paper and coins! Up to six set-ups can be programmed.
  • Electronic display -- Large easy-to-see LCD include error messages that pinpoint areas needing attention.
  • Extra large hopper capacity -- Holds up to 12,000 dimes.
  • Automated paper handling -- Auto feed makes paper changes quick and easy. Plus an automatic anti-curl feature relaxes the paper when wrapper is idle for a few minutes.
  • Bad coin outsort -- The JetWrap coin wrapper outsorts most problem coins and keeps on wrapping.
  • Coin spill control -- An electronically controlled gate prevents unrolled coins from exiting into rolled coin box or conveyor. A special storage drawer accepts remnant coins at the end of a wrapping session.
  • Low noise level -- Special sound attenuating material is inside the outer shell to minimize operating noise.




  • Extension hopper -- Holds up to 50,000 dimes.
  • Special coin/token programming -- JetWrap coin rolling and wrapping machines can be programmed to handle custom coins or tokens (factory option).
Speed Up to 25 wraps per minute
Coins Handled 1¢ - 50 count coin wrap
5¢ - 40 count coin wrap
10¢ - 50 count coin wrap
25¢ - 40 count coin wrap
$1 - 25 count coin wrap
$2 - 25 count
Size 1135mm H x 585 mm D x 450mm W
Weight 140 kilograms
Operating Conditions
Power 105-130v or 198-253v.
Frequency is 60/50Hz.
Ambient Temperature and Humidity 0°-40°C and 30-75%
Power consumption at nominal voltage 5.0 Amps (120v)

Outstanding customer support and local service

Cummins Allison is committed to keeping your equipment up and running so your organization performs at its best. That’s just one reason why our technicians are noted for their expertise, quick response and friendly customer service.

Rigorous training is regularly conducted at our facilities to ensure that our technicians have the comprehensive product and application knowledge needed to keep your money counting equipment operating at peak efficiency. With 15 offices in Canada and immediate access to local parts inventories, we provide service coverage that is unmatched in the industry.

Service Support includes:

  • Over 35 highly-trained local service technicians
  • Fifteen sales and service locations with parts inventories
  • National Field Service Department
  • Cummins Allison Worldwide Service Organization

Cummins Allison branch warehouses and service vehicles are equipped with the parts necessary to complete most repairs on the first visit. Exceptions can be completed on the following business day by placing an emergency part order. Extensive repairs may require that the technician transport the machine to at the nearest Cummins Allison branch location. A loaner machine is provided, if available. We make every effort to minimize your downtime when repairs are needed.

Response time is generally within eight business hours from the time the call is received. Service requests made outside of normal operating hours, including holidays and weekends, are dispatched on the next business day.

Customer service hours are 8 am to 5 pm (EST), Monday through Friday. Technician hours are 8 am to 5 pm (local time).