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Why top grocers choose Cummins Allison

Grocery stores and grocers increase profits and efficiency with right money counter and coin counter

It's important for a partner to understand the grocery industry. According to Canadian Grocer, trends include offering more deals and coupons for shoppers, and providing home delivery services. Customers want speed, convenience and value. Grocers are already dealing with razor-thin margins, yet today's shoppers want a better grocery experience at a lower price. Savvy grocers are always looking for new ways to attract and retain shoppers, while at the same time streamlining processes.

It's vital for the grocery industry to create more profit and reduce costs. Some of the biggest names trust Cummins Allison to help them face those challenges with front-of-the-store revenue generators and cash-office money processing.

Here are a few reasons why top grocers choose Cummins Allison technology solutions:

People are still using cash and cheques. A recent study found that 43 percent of consumers use cash and cheques at the supermarket. That's a significant proportion of sales, so grocers need to make cash office operations more efficient and accurate by using a money counter that is fast and accurate.

Increase traffic and create better customer relationships. Engage customers as they enter your stores with our space-saving coin machines, like the Money Machine 2 self-service coin counter, that bring in more shoppers and generate profit. You can even reduce rolled coin costs by recycling change from your self-service coin machines. The Money Machine 2 was designed to enhance your customers' experiences and increase your profitability by up to 7 percent of your coin volume. And there's a 98 percent uptime.

Streamline cash-office processes and cut costs. Automated cash drawer processing lets you count down and balance cash drawers in a flash, allowing your people to get back out onto the floor to give your customers the personal service they desire. It reduces errors, too. The JetScan iFX counts cash and checks faster than any other device. Getting that job done more quickly, with improved accuracy and faster deposit processing time, is good for your bottom line.

By leveraging technology, you can improve your customer experience and reduce your bottom-line costs. And in the grocery industry, that's more vital than ever before.

September 27, 2018