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Two-in-one cash and cheque scanners help businesses stay prepared

Two-in-one cash and cheque scanners help businesses stay prepared

Dual-purpose cash and cheque scanners offer retailers a variety of benefits, from more efficient management of these physical payment methods to reducing employee labor needs associated with sorting, counting and related tasks. With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, it's a good time to consider how these devices can streamline operations and make what is the busiest time of the year for many retailers a more manageable affair.

Increases in customers, sales and revenue are all common for many different retailers during the holiday season and, increasingly, the months leading up to it. Businesses that want to be as efficient as possible and reap the maximum reward of increases in foot traffic and purchasing have to be flexible in their operations and prepared to handle this influx.

Strong majority of Canadian holiday spending happens in person

E-commerce is a major consideration for retailers throughout the country and across the globe, no matter how they choose to approach the issue. It's clear that consumers appreciate a number of elements of the e-commerce experience, from making purchases remotely to a wider swath of sellers and discounts to choose from. However, there are plenty of reasons why in-person shopping at brick-and-mortar stores isn't going anywhere any time soon. Practical considerations like the ability to inspect and handle potential purchases before money is spent and the convenience of carrying the transaction from start to finish in a short amount of time are powerful. Other elements, like brand loyalty and the sensory experience of holiday shopping, fill a significant role as well.

A survey conducted by CPA Canada, the national branch of certified public accountants, found e-commerce has a solid foothold in holiday shopping. In all, one-third of respondents said they plan to make at least 25 percent of purchases online. While notable, that leaves the biggest slice of the holiday spending pie for in-person retail transactions.

Two-in-one cash and cheque scanners are exceptionally useful in a retail world where visits to stores endure as a popular shopping option. By efficiently handling incoming cash and cheques, they allow for more flexibility on the part of staff and reduce time spent dedicated to counting at the end of a shift or the business day. They also reduce the time spent on these efforts, helping to counteract the higher volume of incoming payments seen by many retailers during the holidays. 

October 3, 2016