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Ticket counters keep Canadian casinos competitive

Ticket counters keep Canadian casinos competitive

As we've discussed in the past, casinos can boost revenue by more effectively utilizing their money and ticket counters. Simple measures like using machines that perform faster mean customers enjoy their gambling experience and are more likely to spend more money. Yet modern casinos might face a new challenge in the form of online gambling.

In Canada alone, some surveys have suggested that up to 75 per cent of people gamble online at least once per month. As attractive as this option might be, actual casinos still have the ability to compete in the marketplace.

Money counters bolster better casino business

As the North Bay Now newspaper reported, the casino industry in Canada is in an ideal place to expand business like never before. In fact, per a recent poll of residents around the North Bay region, most are in favor of a new casino somewhere in Ottawa. However, as North Bay Now also pointed out, the availability of online gambling means that brick-and-mortar casinos must find a better way to compete.

One such way to become more approachable in the current marketplace is to offer dual purposes, like a combination casino and racetrack, or sports hall and casino. Either way, residents have more reasons to visit and to look at these casinos as pillars of the community, and that ultimately translates to more money spent on the slots. The Casino Niagara is a shining example of a successful dual-purpose casino. While it's a favourite of the locals in and around Ottawa, international tourists are drawn in by the hundreds thanks to breathtaking views of Niagara Falls.

But prolonged success for these casinos means more than ample perks: Like their American counterparts, these attractions need money and ticket counters to be truly prosperous. It's these devices that allow casinos to quickly and accurately handle large sums of cash, tickets and even personal cheques. More efficient counting measures mean that customers not only have more time to spend gambling or taking in the sights, but the business itself has a much better control of money coming and going throughout the entire house.

This helps show the value of casinos to the community and enforces their effectiveness as true centers of entertainment across Canada and beyond.

February 2, 2017