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Saving space, increasing revenue with self-service coin counters

Saving space, increasing revenue with self-service coin counters

Self-service coin counters may be just what your grocery store needs. Increasing foot traffic is the concern of any brick-and-mortar business, especially in an era of online shopping and food delivery. For grocery stores, there are many ways to bring in loyal clientele, and one is by offering services that make people's lives easier. From adding coffee shops to credit unions, grocery stores are getting creative. However, partnering with another business takes up a lot of space in your store. Rather than forfeiting valuable real estate, invest in self-service coin counters to attract customers with little space investment.

Attracting budget shoppers with coin-counting machines

According to a 2016 report by IBIS World, growth in the Canadian supermarket industry has been stagnant over the last five years, likely due to a decrease in consumer disposable income. Essentially, customers are pinching pennies by purchasing more affordable goods rather than splurging on brands they recognize. 

How can coin-counting machines help? They offer a service budget-conscious consumers want while generating revenue for grocery stores. Customers hoping to save money or make the most of what they have may turn to their change pockets. Having in-store coin counters gets those individuals in the doors to convert their saved cents into bills. Of course, this can also have the effect of increasing foot traffic that turns into grocery product sales.

Coin counting machines save space and earn revenue

Self-service coin counters may attract more customers and earn money on their own, providing a financial boost for your business. More importantly, they offer a service that doesn't take up too much of your store's space. Square footage is a hot commodity, so you want to use it wisely. Fortunately, coin-counting machines take up very little space when compared to options some stores take, such as partnering with other businesses. 

With a footprint of approximately only 49 metres, Cummins Allison's Money Machine 2 fits into limited spaces. Whether you operate a large chain of stores or a small, local business, this counter can support your bottom line. What's more, because you can own a machine or rent it, your investment is totally in your hands.

January 5, 2017