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Police units can use currency counters following large cash seizures

Police units can use currency counters following large cash seizures

Law enforcement duties sometimes involve officers tactically infiltrating known hubs of illegal activity and seizing whatever contraband they find within.

Cash profits from illegal activity are often discovered during these stings and a cash counter can help agents and officers process the confiscated currency.

Cash counters let police handle large cash seizure efficiently

According to CBC News, the Winnipeg police's organized crime unit conducted raids at two local homes Nov. 3. The raids were the result of a two-month long investigation aimed at stopping organized crime activity and the movement of drugs, specifically cocaine, pot and ecstasy, in the surrounding area.

Global News Canada reported that the two sweeps resulted in the seizure of over $150,000 in cash, fentanyl blotter tabs, a bullet proof vest, various weapons and ammunition types, marijuana residue, cocaine, MDMA and contaminated weight scales.

"The impact of this investigation reaches far beyond the criminal justice system," said organized crime division commander Max Waddell to Global News Canada. "As long as there is demand for illicit drugs, the supply chain will remain."

Four men and one woman were arrested during the investigation and all were given various drug and weapons charges. Some of those taken into custody were high ranking members of the Zig Zag Crew and their arrests could potentially have a significant impact of the proliferation of drugs in the Winnipeg area, according to Global News Canada.

Waddell said the arrests would ultimately help families struggling with drug addiction and free up resources within the healthcare system, according to CTV Winnipeg.

Such police operations require abundant planning and manpower in order to be executed successfully. However, spending that same time and effort on processing confiscated items could be an inefficient and potentially inaccurate use of those resources. Police forces that utilize cash counters can simplify and expedite the act of tallying any seized currency.

November 22, 2017