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New casino coming to Ontario can use money and ticket counters to maximize efficiency

New casino coming to Ontario can use money and ticket counters to maximize efficiency

Money and ticket counters are necessities in the world of gaming. They quickly and efficiently process customer transactions, keeping back-of-house productivity high. This efficiency gives company leadership the opportunity to focus attention on other matters such as growing the business or increasing customer satisfaction.

One such casino trying to increase its reach and further serve its patronage is Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, which is planning to open a new gaming center in Sudbury, Ontario.

Money and ticket counters can help handle high foot traffic

Gateway, in conjunction with local entrepreneur Dario Zulich and the True North Strong group, is working to bring a new $60 million gaming facility to the Kingsway area. The initiative is one part of a multistep move to build an entertainment complex in the area that will feature a motorsport park, hotels and other properties to engage the public.

"The True North Strong proposal envisions creating a vibrant regional entertainment district," said Keith Andrews, senior VP and managing director of Ontario for Gateway in a press release. "A Gateway property in the district is a perfect complement to this dynamic development."

The plan still needs approval from municipal courts before building can begin, but construction is expected to be completed by spring 2020. While the casino's development isn't based on whether it can be built within the entertainment hub, Zulich believes all the businesses within it could benefit from the foot traffic of the general area.

"By putting the event centre and this casino together, we achieve critical mass," the contractor said to local news source, the Nugget. "That critical mass is going to release an economic vision, or energy, and the spin-off effect is going to be unbelievable."

Gateway, with 26 total locations and 57 restaurants, has been successful in strategizing to improve the customer experience and create growth. In addition to building the Sudbury casino, it plans to invest $300 million into the northern and southwestern Ontario communities to push its signature brands and entice new customers to its facilities.

When expanding a business, maintaining consistency in operations is an important aspect of widening a company's reach. Within any gaming facility, those ambitions can be hampered if transactions are inefficiently processed; money and ticket counters can help support growth efforts.

July 24, 2017