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Money and ticket counters can help expanding casinos

Money and ticket counters can help expanding casinos

When looking to make business upgrades, casinos need to have critical transaction infrastructure—like money and ticket counters—in place to support larger operations. Such companies have a particular interest in ensuring their backroom processes can keep pace and perform adequately with increased gaming activity. Slower counts can drain resources, while manual error may lead to a whole host of other, and decidedly more immediate, problems. 

Casinos in the midst of expansion efforts, like growing their physical spaces or adding new offerings to their core products, need to keep in mind the importance of efficiency and the tools that can sustain this ideal in larger and more complex operating environments.

Money and ticket counters can help stabilize growing operations

As casinos in Canada continue to expand, they may find themselves requiring more efficiency and process repeatability. For instance, the View Royal Casino in Greater Victoria is currently undergoing a $20 million expansion project, according to the Goldstream News Gazette. While there are plans to add a theater and other amenities, the bulk of the renovation lies in the $15 million first phase that includes adding more high-limit tables to a bigger gaming floor.

"Everybody's excited about the end result," Chris Lynn, executive director at the casino's owner, told the source. "Sometimes the inconveniences of not having all the amenities that they're used [to] comes to the forefront, but I think everybody's been pretty understanding and is super excited about what we're going to become."

View Royal isn't the only casino looking to diversify and improve. Casino Nova Scotia Halifax has reportedly partnered with Truro Raceway to offer off-track betting at, according to The Chronicle Herald, the largest Atlantic Canada attraction for gaming and entertainment. The source said OTB capabilities could be available as early as May and are being pursued in an effort to reverse a trend of declining wagers.

"Halifax is a competitive entertainment market," Chris Roberts, CNS Halifax general manager, told The Chronicle Herald. "Every element we add is designed to improve the overall experience."

While expansions are outward efforts to better serve or draw customers, casino operators cannot forget these benefits are not possible without the strong foundation of transaction infrastructure. Money and ticket counters are specifically needed by casinos when more money is coming in, and while patrons may enjoy the new restaurants or entertainment venues, complications with the count could frustrate the backend.

April 4, 2017