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Money and ticket counters can ensure new casinos succeed on opening day.

Money and ticket counters can ensure new casinos succeed on opening day.

New casinos have to be prepared to handle the vast amounts of cash and tickets they will receive and distribute upon opening, making an array of money and ticket counters vital to initial and ongoing success.

Not all new casinos have the luxury of being part of an established brand, one that customers know and trust. As a result, casinos need to quickly prove they can provide excellent service and build a healthy reputation in order to entrench themselves in the area's gaming market. This will be the task of a new hotel and casino coming to Peterborough, Ontario.

Money and ticket counters can provide new casinos with increased productivity

According to The Peterborough Examiner, the final stages of planning are underway for the new Shorelines Casino Peterborough and its accompanying Hampton Inn. Construction will begin in 2018 and the $49 million project is set to be built along the busy 7/TCH Highway and 12 minutes from downtown Peterborough, a city with a population of over 80,000. A separate report from local notes that the casino will be 4,851 square​ metres and the hotel will have 6 stories totaling 7,000 square metres.

Money and ticket counters can ensure a new casino's back-of-house counting operations will run smoothly – reducing human error and providing a level of speed and productivity that would be difficult to achieve without such equipment. And since reputations are often built on first impressions new casinos need to be operating at maximum efficiency immediately after opening doors for the first time.

May 30, 2017