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Gaming facilities undergoing redevelopment can benefit from money and ticket counters

Gaming facilities undergoing redevelopment can benefit from money and ticket counters

Money and ticket counters are vital tools in the gaming industry that allow for quick and efficient transaction management. When additional elements like more gaming opportunities, restaurants and live events are also parts of business plans, the need to properly handle incoming capital is compounded.

A horse racetrack in Ottawa's southern region is set to undergo a multifaceted and multimillion dollar expansion, facilitated by the international entertainment chain Hard Rock Hotel & Casinos.

Gaming centers with varied offerings can maintain processing efficiency with money and ticket counters

In May, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation chose Hard Rock Casino Ottawa to host the future home of a gaming and entertainment complex developed at the Rideau Carleton Raceway in south Ottawa as part of OLG's Ottawa Gaming Bundle.

The OLG is responsible for overseeing all the lotteries, casinos and horse-racing tracks throughout the province. In recent years, the agency has pushed to modernize itself through initiatives that prioritize the customer experience while also aiding the community at large, according to its website.

"OLG has made an important step toward improving the customer experience in the Ottawa region," said Stephen Rigby, president and CEO of OLG, in a press statement. "The investments Hard Rock Casino Ottawa will make will substantially enhance the gaming entertainment experience, while increasing revenue for the Province and encouraging local economic development."

In the official OLG statement, Jim Allen, chairman of Hard Rock International, said in that same statement the partnership will see an investment of over $320 million into the endeavor and will create 2,000 direct and indirect facility jobs, and 1,900 construction jobs within the Ottawa community.

According to Ottawa Community News, the evolution of the existing facility will feature a 13,000-square-metre gaming space, 2,000-seat concert space, hotel, memorabilia displays, bar, café, merchandise shop and will keep all the racetrack components intact.

Renovations are scheduled to take place, including the construction of a new entrance, later in the year with a second phase of redevelopment planned for completion in late 2018 or early 2019.

As a business's offerings grow increasingly complex, the need for simplicity and ease in currency handling grows with the company. Money and ticket counters at gaming establishments are instruments that can properly streamline the distribution and collection of funds amid any redevelopment it experiences. 

August 29, 2017