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Money and ticket counters help streamline casino employee training

Money and ticket counters help streamline casino employee training

Casinos are institutions that inherently rely on a lot of machines, from slots to money and ticket counters, to help operations run smoothly. However, the human element cannot be forgotten in the mix for the gaming industry. Employees interact with customers closely and must be vetted, trusted and trained in the secure and efficient handling of money. To this end, employee training is a huge concern for casinos. This must be addressed not only in learning environments, but also in practical use of daily work tools - something money and ticket counters can help with.

Money and ticket counters are fundamental to training

The intersection of HR and gaming has not escaped the eye of the industry. Last May, the Canadian Gaming Association announced it had partnered with Sault Ste. Marie Education Partners to undertake an assessment of the need for employee education in gaming across the nation, and then formulate and standardize courses of training and a curriculum that workers can be trained on throughout the country.

That may help the soon-to-open Cascades Casino in Penticton, British Columbia. According to the Penticton Western Times, the under-construction casino recently kicked off a recruitment drive aimed at hiring up to 150 staff members who will need in-depth training to set the casino off on the right foot.

"The restaurants and gaming entertainment at Cascades are a very important part of the customer experiences we will create," said Mike Magnusson, general manager of Cascades Casino Penticton. "The team we build is integral to delivering those memorable experiences. We are excited to grow our team and create more jobs and employment opportunities in our community."

Money and ticket counters have a huge role to play in training up employees. These are pieces of equipment with which they will need to work each day, and understand intimately. The best way to ensure the security of your casino, your customers and your staff is to invest in money and ticket counters to reinforce infrastructure and training programs.

February 28, 2017