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Money and ticket counters help casinos in a competitive market

Money and ticket counters help casinos in a competitive market

Money and ticket counters give casinos an edge by reducing time and effort spent on a major, constant task. Using these devices also improves labour allocation and makes such businesses more flexible and responsive. Considering the current state of the industry and projections for its future, it's a wise decision to make changes that improve operations sooner rather than later.

Gaming establishments across Canada are part of an industry that's experiencing steady, if not explosive, growth and development. Making the right choices in terms of streamlining common operational processes and giving staff freedom to focus on the most critical and time-sensitive tasks is a major consideration for gaming establishments in the short and long terms.

Multiyear growth demonstrates increasing desire for casinos

One useful statistic to consider the overall state of the gaming market across the country is total revenue. In the long view, the industry has seen ups and downs in the last 10 years, according to Statista. The years between 2006 and 2011 saw a peak in 2009 of about $5.7 billion U.S. - the monetary unit used in all calculations by Statista - that was preceded and followed by lower returns. However, 2012 through 2015 saw steady growth, with last year's total revenue reaching a peak of $6.2 billion U.S., a 10-year high.

In a similar vein, worldwide development in the industry is stabilizing and may point toward future growth. A report from Scotiabank said 2015 was a year of decline in terms of global casino performance, thanks in large part to major changes in the Macau area of China and another year of stable revenue - without any significant increases - in Las Vegas. This stabilization, along with conditions conducive to recreational travel related to casinos, should help the global industry and Canada's part in it grow.

With a stable base and the potential for growth in the coming years, casinos need to consider their current workflows and processes for areas of improvement. Among the many potential changes for gaming establishments large and small is the introduction of cutting-edge money and ticket counters. By implementing these tools, casinos can take a critical but repetitive and time-consuming task that's prove to human error and introduce a high degree of automation. This frees staff to focus on areas where judgment, critical thinking and a human touch are needed, creating a more efficient and better experience for guests.

October 19, 2016