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Money and ticket counters help Canadian casinos tighten controls

Money and ticket counters help Canadian casinos tighten controls

There's little more precious to a casino than its cash, which makes money and ticket counters a necessity for such establishments. But beyond the counting of money, it's also important casinos protect against illegal movement of money, again reinforcing the need for secure and accurate money management tools.

While laundering is a global plague, Canadian casinos were recently found to be among the most well-prepared to combat the threat. In a brief prepared by criminal lawyer and international anti-laundering expert Christine Duhaime for the Gaming Security Professionals of Canada, Duhaime noted that the protocols, abilities and enforcement measures currently maintained by Canadian gaming institutions and regulators have proven overwhelming successful in preventing money laundering.

Money and ticket counters can help round out casinos' internal controls

In "Casinos and Money Laundering," Duhaime laid out the regulatory landscape for Canadian casinos and examined the steps they've taken to prevent against money laundering. Duhaime's main conclusion is that there is no evidence to suggest a Canadian casino has ever been used to launder dirty money. 

"In order to prevent casinos from being targeted by criminals for money laundering, Canadian gambling jurisdictions have implemented robust countermeasures, including policies, procedures and training that allow for the detection and reporting of such transactions, which in turn deters criminals from using casinos for money laundering," reads an excerpt from the report included in a press release.

The safeguards in place include the fact "virtually every" Canadian casino transaction is recorded by video, as well as the physical presence of security and surveillance personnel and protections against anonymous conversion of chips to cash, currency or electronic funds.

Casinos have a lot to keep an eye on in day-to-day operations, and they need efficiency and effectiveness wherever they can get it. Money and ticket counters can provide such benefits to help free up resources for other responsibilities.

November 8, 2016