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How automated processing can benefit your casino

Note counting and casino ticket reading on the JetScan iFX i200 note counter, currency counter

In the fast-paced environment of the gaming industry, it's all about keeping those players happy. But it's also a business with challenges like any other. Casino managers are always looking for ways to increase productivity, but just keeping up with increasing ticket and currency volume is a challenge in itself. The potential for human error is huge. Employees are finding themselves stretched thin, and their managers are trying to develop ways to help, knowing that the first part of keeping customers happy is keeping employees happy and engaged.

One solution is to automate any processes that you can, so employees will have more time to give your customers the personalized service they expect.

The JetScan iFX series of ticket and note scanners are a complete solution for your business because they handle large volumes of money and tickets on a daily basis with unparalleled speed and accuracy enabling your operation to run at peak efficiency saving you time and money. It transforms the way you manage money, catch counterfeits and off-sort tickets in a single pass. Here's how:

  • Processes and separates mixed bills and tickets on the same device
  • Images and stores tickets
  • Imaging allows for the retrieval of ticket information at a later date without having to dig through storage
  • 85 percent faster ticket imaging, slashing the time you spend on ticket management.
  • 40 percent faster currency processing.
  • Imaging eliminates the need to physically store tickets and the associated costs

How it works in practice:


Redeeming, imaging and terminating tickets at the point of presentment greatly streamlines operations and can be accomplished with little to no incremental effort. Add to that the ability to image tickets 85 percent faster on the same device that processes currency, and you have a winning combination. Employees enjoy the easy-to-use scanner that simplifies balancing procedures and helps get their work done more quickly.

Count room

Simply reading bar codes is a thing of the past. State-of-the-art gaming facilities now read and image tickets in a single pass, eliminating transportation, storage and destruction fees, plus the time and expense of researching old tickets by hand. And the same solution handles money counting faster and more effectively. Streamline, simplify and improve operations with a single, cost-effective solution.

By automating your processing, you'll not only save money, but you'll free up your employees to focus on customer service. That's a win-win!

July 25, 2018