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Growing small businesses will need dual-purpose cash and cheque scanners

Growing small businesses will need dual-purpose cash and cheque scanners

It's a new year for Canadian small-business owners, and many are looking forward with an eye toward growing operations, something that dual-purpose cash and cheque scanners can help with. When positioning for growth, it's central the infrastructure is there to support it, and that includes having the right tools to ensure operations are efficient and allow for scaling. This very well may be on the minds of many entrepreneurs after a recent survey found a large majority see 2017 as a year ripe for building their businesses up further.

Increased cash flow calls for dual-purpose cash and cheque scanners

According to a survey commissioned by OnDeck Canada and completed by Research Intelligence Group, 81 per cent of Canadian small-business owner respondents said they are optimistic on their prospects for growth in 2017. And true to form, money was at the heart of many top resolutions: 29 per cent cited increased profitability, while 24 per cent pointed to cash flow as a key resolution; 26 per cent said attracting new customer was a goal, also.

To finance their expansion efforts, many are looking to loans, and subsequently with that money, small-business owners are focused on equipment investments. Thirty-six per cent of respondents, when asked where they knew their capital was going, said it would be directed to buying equipment and technology. 

Among the most important items of equipment small businesses bent on growth can acquire is a dual-purpose cash and cheque scanner. The benefits are twofold: Not only will the efficiency benefits of such investments be felt across the business, but with the increased volume of payments comes increased risk for manual error, which is eliminated with automated solutions.

January 23, 2017