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Dual-purpose cash and cheque scanners useful to expanding businesses

Dual-purpose cash and cheque scanners useful to expanding businesses

A dual-purpose cash and cheque scanner can be a great asset for virtually every business that deals with face-to-face cash and cheque transactions. Such a tool can ease and expedite the process of revenue recording so that resources can be directed to other areas of the business – which can be especially important for businesses planning on expanding to new markets.

Any and all subsequent stores base their methods of operation from the first established, and progress within new markets halts if the pioneering store has faults in its framework. This reality underscores the need for dependable infrastructure.

Dual-purpose cash and cheque scanners can ease the stress of expansion.

Australian sunglass retailer Bailey Nelson is planning on expanding its reach to Canada, opening its first store in Vancouver's busiest shopping district.

The company was founded in Sydney in 2012 and specializes in selling trendy sunglasses that are both designed and crafted in-house. It also has satellite locations in London and New Zealand.

According to a recent article from Retail Insider, Bailey Nelson could see as many as 40-50 stores opening in the country over the next four years. The Vancouver location will be the test-run and once it is established, Toronto becomes the next target market. All stores will be located in "urban street fronts" (downtown areas and shopping districts) and will range between 1,000 to 2,000 square feet in size.

For retail businesses hoping to enter new markets like Bailey Nelson, establishing effective infrastructure early is vital to ensuring that all successive stores have the necessary tools at their disposal. A dual-purpose cash and cheque scanner can help guarantee that back-office processes are effective and efficient, minimizing the chances for human error.

May 16, 2017