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Organizations accepting donations can benefit from money counting machines

Organizations accepting donations can benefit from money counting machines

Money counting machines can help charities tally and organize cash donations from citizens and companies in the wake of natural disasters.

After major catastrophes strike, monetary donations are collected by organizations to pay for supplies such as food, water, medicine and shelter for those affected. Contributions of all kinds can benefit aid efforts.

Organizations like the Canadian Red Cross have been using donated money to provide provisions and personnel to aid citizens in the southern United States impacted by Hurricane Harvey, and Canadians displaced by wildfires in British Colombia.

Money counting machines can aid organizations supporting those affected by natural disasters

Hurricane Harvey was a category four tropical storm that made landfall in the United States on Aug 25. It is said to have caused $180 billion in damage across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky, according to financial news site The

On Aug 28, the Canadian Red Cross released a statement detailing that they opened an official donation Harvey relief. 

Kimberly Nemrava, vice president of the Canadian Red Cross's British Colombia and Yukon sector, told Global News Canada that giving direct monetary donations would be the most impactful way citizens could help.

"These allow us to move quickly, it allows the donations to be the most appropriate to what's needed in the area," Nemrava said.

Wildfires in British Colombia have been burning since July, according to the Canadian Red Cross. In addition, Global News Canada reported on Sept 21 the existence of 10 active fires in the province. Thousands have had to evacuate their homes and move into Canadian Red Cross shelters across the country, and the organization also has also been accepting donations for that cause.

Keeping track of the potentially large number of contributions from concerned citizens could be a daunting task for an organization like the Canadian Red Cross to handle without the proper infrastructure in place. For charities, the counting and processing of cash donations can be optimized using a money counting machine, such as the JetScan iFX i100.

November 9, 2017