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Cash counters can assist grocery stores offering amenities

Cash counters can assist grocery stores offering amenities

Grocery stores function primarily as places to shop for household goods, but they can also serve other purposes as well. Stores can be home to bank branches, optometrists, salons, restaurants and any number of things that can allure consumers. For these diverse shopping spaces, cash counters can be useful tools in handling customer currency, including polymer notes.

The grocery chain Nations Fresh Foods recently opened a new store in Toronto's Stockyards Village shopping centre which features numerous amenities geared to entertain, such as a play area for children and a virtual reality centre. According to Canadian Grocer, Nations Fresh Foods opened its first location in Toronto in 2012 in a 55,000-square-foot building and the new location is almost three times as large.

Cash counters can provide currency processing capabilities for multifaceted grocery stores

The new 155,000-square-foot store had its grand opening ceremony Nov. 16, according Nations Fresh Foods' Facebook page. The Nations Fresh Foods location provides a 10,000-square-foot amusement and entertainment area containing an arcade, family amusement centre, indoor playground and private event rooms.

Frank Ho, senior vice president at Nations told Canadian Grocer that as online grocery shopping continues to become more popular with consumers, the in-store experience needs to be more appealing in order to compete. This was the thinking behind creating a family-friendly space that intended to be more than a place solely to buy food.

"The offline experience is the most important for people [to familiarize themselves with the Nations brand]," Ho said. "That experience entails two parts: food and entertainment and we integrated two in one. We started with the family and kids with the amusement park."

Ho also told Canadian Grocer that the company is hoping to build more stores in the Toronto area that could surpass 155,000 square feet in size.

Opening the grocery space with amenities geared more toward entertainment and family time can encourage shoppers to make frequent return visits and to stay in the store for longer periods of time. The entertainment options and family spaces could encourage crowds to come that may otherwise not have visited the grocery store. To handle the potential influx of visitors, grocery stores offering customers multiple attractions to visit can benefit using a cash counter to process currency from purchases, including polymer notes.

December 1, 2017