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Coin-counting machines helpful to new grocery stores

Coin-counting machines helpful to new grocery stores

A coin-counting machine can help grocery stores attract new customers by providing a service that the store's competitors may not offer. New grocery stores have to establish themselves and build a customer base within their communities, which can be a trying task for a new business, especially one that may cater to niche interests.

A new grocer that recently opened in Hintonburg, Ottawa, hopes to tap into a market that appeals to environmentally conscious shoppers.

Grocery stores appealing to underserved markets can benefit from coin-counting machine

According to CBC News Ottawa, the province's first zero-waste goods provider, Nu Grocery, opened on Aug. 20. The store sells good like produce, beauty supplies, dried food and cleaning products. But none of the items are sold in their original packaging, instead customers are directed to bring their reusable containers or use ones provided by the shop.

Nu Grocery owner Valérie LeLoup told local source Metro News that the idea behind the store is to reduce the amount of waste produced by consumers in removing item packaging that is typically thrown away once goods are purchased and taken home.

Products are presented in their raw forms in containers owned by the company, or in some cases, offered in reusable units that can be returned.

LeLoup stated many markets such as hers already exist in Europe. She hopes the store can help spread awareness of the potential good that can come from avoiding unnecessary waste.

Catherine McKenna, Ottawa Centre MP and Federal Environment Minister, attended the store's grand opening and praised its focus on keeping people accountable for their environmental impact.

"I always say the environment and the economy go together, and I'm really proud to see a local, female entrepreneur taking real action to tackle climate change, protect the environment and employ a bunch of people," said McKenna to CBC News

When opening a business, breaking the mold of what is traditionally known to be successful can be a daunting task. Using resources to develop relationships with customers can be helpful for many new companies. Coin-counting machines can aid new grocery stores in establishing themselves.

September 12, 2017