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3 Grocery Processes You Can Automate

Automate your cash office with JetScan iFX scanners and JetSort sorters

Automation is trending fiercely in the grocery industry right now. Traditional brick-and-mortar grocery stores can take a page from the streamlining playbook by automating certain cash room, non-customer-facing functions. Automation can lead to better time management, greater efficiency and less human error.

Here are some processes grocery stores can and should think about automating.

Cash room

You’re likely getting large amounts of cash in your clerks' tills each day. Handling that daily revenue is time-consuming and could add hours of labour to the day. Relying on employees to perform this necessary function increases the risk of human error and requires the introduction of loss prevention processes into the mix. Automating your cash room processes with a machines, such as a JetScan iFX® i100 money counter and JetSort® 1000 coin sorter, reduces processing time to seconds or minutes rather than hours.

Self-service checkouts

Customers are used to the convenience of having little or no wait time to check out, especially if they’re just picking up a few items. This isn’t about reducing staff or payroll — you likely won’t replace humans with a few self-service checkouts. It’s about providing options that customers expect.

Automated ordering

Whole Foods and Target stores are using automated ordering, and they report that it not only saves on out-of-stocks, but also frees up space in the back room, making replenishment more efficient.

While the human element is as important as ever in the retail grocery business, streamlining your cash room with note counters and coin sorters, automating ordering, and offering self-service checkouts can streamline your business, reduce errors, and give your customers the options they've come to expect.

June 4, 2018