Banks and Credit Unions

Financial institutions demand efficient cash processing solutions

The branch experience is changing; customers have options for how they choose to bank and banking institutions need to work hard to retain current customers and grow their new-client base. Using customer-friendly technology solutions, like coin and cash processing machines, are a key to that success.


Drive more traffic to your lobby, improve customer satisfaction, increase return visits

Banks and credit unions are reaping the benefits of adding self service coin sorter machines in their branches, including:

  • reducing teller lines

  • increasing overall customer satisfaction and retention

  • attracting new customers and promoting stronger relationships with existing ones


Moving the coin counting task away from the teller frees them up to cross-sell and builds stronger relationships with current customers by providing more productive face-time with members. Adding self service coin counters give bankers an opportunity to meet non-customers referred to by current, satisfied customers; resulting in more chances for new accounts being opened. Read more about how various coin sorting technologies impact accuracy and the overall customer experience. 


“We’re looking at about one-third of our coin machine transactions being with non-customers, who can be turned into customers. The coin counters provide the avenue to get people, including non-customers, in the door.” Genie Clem, AVP Marketing, Branch Operations, 1st Bank, New Boston, Texas.


Choose a hands-free approach to how your coin is managed

Large volumes of incoming coin, from the customer through to the armoured carrier, can be a logistical hassle. Cummins Allison’s Coin Management Program (CMP) allows you to receive “hands-free” coin operation if you purchase, lease or rent a bin coin machine. The CMP program includes bin pickup, coin processing, program administration, reports and electronic bank deposits. Let us take care of that burden for you.

Adding a Money Machine®2 self-service coin sorter to your credit union is easy for members to use, simplifies coin processing by reducing the number of times coins are handled and streamlines the process from deposit to storage or armored carrier.


Improve currency and cheque deposit processing, increase teller efficiency

Credit unions benefit from the JetScan iFX®cash and cheque scanner with high-volume processing and counterfeit detection; a solution that processes mixed currency in a single pass without the need to pre-sort by denomination. Let your tellers count deposits on the JetScan iFX i100, the fastest currency counter and fastest cheque scanner in the industry. Process cash, both polymer and paper, at industry-leading speeds of up to 1,200 bills and 400 cheque images per minute, significantly reducing processing times, cash handling errors and transportation costs.

Credit unions choose to upgrade their teller money counting machines for a number of reasons:

  • service clients in the fastest, best way possible

  • support increasing number of commercial transactions

  • allow teller face time with customer to cross sell/up sell other services


“The JetScan iFX is more accurate, and it frees me up to do other tasks.” Lesley Smith, Branch Manager, Home State Bank, Crystal Lake, Illinios.


Improve bank vault/processing centre throughput

Adding JetScan iFX® multi-pocket money sorting machines to any vault operation provides considerable time savings by rapidly processing up to 1,200 bills per minute, giving the vault processor time to manage other tasks and finish daily deposits quicker.

JetScan iFX® i400 money counters are very efficient, accurate and fast, making a perfect solution for high-volume cash handling bank vault operations. This uniquely designed and highly flexible sorter is configurable horizontally and vertically with as few as 3 and as many as 17 pockets, giving you full control of the footprint. Its unmatched speed, accuracy and reliability redefine industry standards and bring you efficient, user-friendly operation in the smallest space possible.


The JetScan iFX i400 lets you:

  • balance faster at the end of the day

  • keep employees happy with jam-free equipment

  • process polymer bills with confidence

  • operate quicker using the full-colour touch screen display

No other multi-pocket sorter offers as much sophistication and flexibility in this footprint – and at a very competitive cost.


“With Cummins Allison you have 25-30% more free time to do other things” Joe Serna, Teller Manager, Rio Bank, McAllen, Texas.