Environmental Awareness

Committed to Safe, Earth-Friendly Operations


We we take a proactive approach to minimizing the environmental impact of our activities locally, while embracing the larger objective of protecting the environment on a global scale. As a corporation, we:

  • Seek to improve our environmental performance with in-house standards that prevent pollution in addition to complying with regulations guiding environmental safety

  • Commit ourselves to safe and earth-friendly operations at all of our operating facilities and branch locations

  • Work to use resources efficiently – conserving energy, reducing waste, facilitating waste material recycling and using recycled materials in the manufacture of our products

  • Strive within all areas of our operations, to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, ozone-depleting substances, and all other non-earth-friendly waste products

  • Undertake to minimize environmental loads and adopt environmentally friendly technologies when purchasing necessary resources and materials

  • Pledge to educate our employees, raising their environmental awareness to ensure that they recognize and actively address environmental concerns in a manner consistent with our Green Policy

Make wide-ranging social contributions in partnership with our local communities by disclosing environmental information in support of conservation initiatives.