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Tachi Palace Casino Case Study

TACHI PALACE ASINO, EMOORE, Faster, more efcient operations lead to improved customer service Speed, accuracy and local service support: three reasons why Rio Bank prefers the JetScan IFX®currency scanner Technology simplies operations When it comes to trying new technology, Ruth Ritchie, director cage and vault, likes to be rst. The need to bring new solutions into the Tachi Palace Hotel and joined the organization. Ritchie believes that technology can make things easier for employees, leading to better customer service. When considering ways to increase productivity for the vault, kiosk and cage departments, Ritchie says the JetScan iFX platform has revolutionized their operations. “I don’t like anything done manually. I like paperless things, I like technology. Anything I can do to nd a time savings, a cost savings, an ease of convenience for my employee, those all equate to better customer service.” Growing cash and ticket volume Tachi Palace began as Southgate Bingo Palace in 1983 and has seen substantial growth since then. They still feature a 1,200-seat bingo hall but they’ve added square foot gaming facility. Since becoming General Manager in 2006, Willie Barrios has focused on enhancing the facility and modernizing the operations, including new ATMs and the TITO system. Managing high volumes of cash and tickets created a new set of challenges for the new technology. “Part of the reason we brought the JetScan iFX machines to the property, other than their speed, enhanced counterfeit detection and accuracy, is the ability to do ticketing imaging. We do a tremendous amount of tickets and cash and we’ll be able to run both on the same machine in one pass,” says Ritchie. “We are also working with machine.” asy to upgrade, easy to use Tachi Palace chose to implement the complete JetScan iFX portfolio – single- pocket, dual-pocket and multi-pocket machines – in part due to its exibility. Many features are software-based, making easy. “Using the iFX platform, we no longer have to purchase brand new machines as new technology comes out. We’re able to purchase new software, download it onto our existing iFX platform and upgrade our machines,” states Ritchie. With a common platform, there is very little training required and that helps employees process transactions faster providing better customer service. 50% time and cost savings in the vault Vault operations saw immediate results pocket machine. “It was taking more than eight to ten hours to count the currency we were receiving from soft count so we needed something that was faster and more effective,” reports Shannon Souza, vault manager. “We ran a test and took our old equipment side-by-side with the new iFX machines and we noticed that our old machines were running at 600 notes per minute and our new machines were up to 1,600 notes per minute, so you could tell a great difference in that. It’s actually helped us save time and also cut down on our staff.” Customer service improves with new technology “We’ve reduced the vault drop count times and the number of employees needed by 50% each, saving time and money for the casino.” Director Cage and Vault Tachi Palace chose to JetScan iFX portfolio – and more accurately. ore pockets increase efciency Tachi Palace originally tested a seven- pocket machine in their vault, but after seeing it run added two more pockets for a total of nine, increasing speed and convenience. “We had a very small learning curve”, said Ritchie, “in less than 15 minutes I had two employees completely running the drop – they got it. Processing a lot of cash every single day, we have been able to reduce our drop count times by 50% and we’ve reduced the employees needed by 50%.” ore savings in cage and kiosk The cage and kiosk rooms have also beneted from the new technology. The kiosk room was challenged to verify currency quickly enough to keep up with the high demand of the ATMs. According to Kathryn Maltes, cage manager, “A lot of our machines were down and people had to wait and then they would be unhappy. With the new iFX machines, the morale is much better. People are getting their work done faster.” Back on the front line quicker Cage shift manager, Regina Enriquez, agrees “It’s been great since the iFX machines came in. They’re a lot faster, they’re a lot more efcient, they help the banking in and out process. We get our cashiers back on the front line quicker and more effectively. The banking time has process, when we count the BVs down, it’s a lot more efcient. We have a high volume of tickets and notes mixed together so we’re able to separate and get those new machines.” The JetScan iFX portfolio features single- and dual-pocket machines, plus an innovative multi-pocket sorter with a very pocket sorter processes currency at 1,000 with 3, 5, 7 or 9 pockets. Adding pockets is easy, allowing a casino to start small and grow as needed. Software upgradable to support check imaging, deposit processing and ticket imaging, the today and add more features in the future. detection and currency processing at 1,600 bills per minute, the i100 is a signicant time-saver. “We used to do our counterfeit reporting manually,” says Ritchie, “but now we are able to process right from the iFX. It runs the report, takes a copy of the bill, prints the report and we send this with the bill to the Secret Service. It’s a big time savings.” Vault operations experience immediate time and cost savings Available on select models The JetScan iFX® single-pocket machine processes and images currency, checks and tickets, simplifying operations and “Banking time has been cut 20 minutes to half an hour per shift.” F Generations of Vision and Excellence Cummins Allison sets the standard for accuracy and dependability. Cummins Allison is a global leader in developing solutions that quickly and efciently count, sort and authenticate currency, checks and coin. With a 125-year heritage of leadership in technology and product innovation, Cummins Allison serves the majority of nancial institutions worldwide, as well as leading organizations in retail, gaming, law enforcement and government. Ninety-seven percent of our customers recommend our products and services. CA holds more than 350 U.S. patents and invests double the industry average in R&D. Our world-class sales and service network includes hundreds of local representatives in more than 50 ofces in North America, 4 wholly-owned subsidiaries in Europe and is represented in more than 70 countries around the world. 852 Feehanville Drive Mt. Prospect, IL 60056 © 2012 Cummins-Allison Corp. Specications subject to change without notice. ount on local, reliable service Reliable local service is equally important to keeping the vault and cage operations running smoothly. “Since we’ve been with Cummins, the tech service has been great. Every time we’ve had to call in equipment, they’ve been very attentive to us and any time we’ve had any problems we’ve been able to call our service manager and he’s been able to take care of anything for us as well,” states Maltes. in her operations, including the ability paperwork. “I hope to be as automated as possible and nd the fastest, most accurate ways of doing things here at the property. To learn how the JetScan iFX platform can improve operations for your property, visit I began my relationship with Cummins Allison 19 years ago and they have the same vision I do. They are always on the cutting edge of the newest technology, speed, convenience, accuracy, so it’s a perfect partnering or I wouldn’t still be doing work with them 19 years later. Working with Cummins Allison all these years, I can say the equipment holds up and the service is excellent and I’ve jurisdiction I’ve worked in.”

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